This is CBACS’ newly introduced learning and development platform focussed on achieving the aims of TMP 2007-2034.  CCE/CBACS incorporates all previous offerings as well as introduces new ones.  Central to this is the TMP/BAC School for LIFE and its goals as detailed in CBACS 10th Anniversary Commemorative Brochure

Unique Self-Expression (USE) Mentoring – this is personal individualised mentoring designed to unlock individual potential for effectiveness within the global context

CBACS’ Continuous Professional Development Seminars – professional life brings with it many challenges and which are likely to be greater when a ‘black professional’These seminars provide life-enhancing solutions to working with these challenges …

Spiritual Profiles – these are designed to expand self-knowledge and awareness and can be purchased separately or else comes with the USE mentoring as a package



It is all a matter of consciousness … if you are eager to secure your place at the table of life then this introductory workshop is a must for you!  Gain insights into your own consciousness and learn how to shape it for yourself to secure your authentic success in life

Cultural Education and Parenting … this series of workshop are on-going and are designed to provide members of the group with the knowledge required for effective parenting in a multicultural society and global world

What does it mean to be human?  This is an introductory workshop to CBACS’ overall work…



CBACS’ offerings are research-based (including blogs) the background to which can be found on my selected works site.