The chief duty a people owe themselves and the world is reverence for their own soul, the mystic centre of their being – Therion in ‘Letter to an American Jew’

The ‘New Human’ Educational Initiative (NHEI) is the culmination of 24 years of research based on my own quest to break out of unconscious dysfunctional life choices as a member of the ‘black British’ racial category’ in order to create more life enhancing legacies for younger generations.

The NHEI is CBACS’ response to the summer riots of 2011 and the tendency to focus blame on ‘black youth’.  With this came the recognition that it was time for members of this group to become ‘conscious creators of culture’ in developing cultural knowledge enabling us to take responsibility for putting our own ‘cultural house’ in order.

The first NHEI programme, specially geared at members of the ‘established black Caribbean racial category’ (TMP 2007-2034 (BAC)), was piloted between October-December 2011 to provide cultural education as a means of filling the formative education gap in our knowledge as a group.

Look out for dates for future NHEI programmes or contact me ( to discuss a customised NHEI programme to meet your specific needs.